Simm Rules

Created by Captain Charles Redex Senior on 08/21/2013 @ 6:08pm

By joining this simm, it is understood that you, the player, have read and agreed to follow the rules of this simm and the various policies of Horizon Fleet.

Strict Rules

*Please do not use profanities or other graphic language (including inappropriate sexual content) on this simm.

*Please do not post as somebody else's character. You may only include other people's NPC's in your posts if you have their permission.

*Please inform your CO if you cannot be active for any extended period of time (more than 3 days), that way mission events and joint posts can be planned accordingly.

*Please do not contact members of this simm to recruit players for another simm or fleet.

*Please do not harass or insult any member of this crew.


*All players are asked to post something at least once per week. The Fleet minimum, however, is once every 14 days.

*When posting please keep to the story line or a sub-plot.

*Department Heads are expected to check their account for Joint Posts and important messages every other day or so unless they are on Leave or the simm is on break.

*Department Heads are allowed to add NPC´s to their respective departments, but there is a strict limit of two-per-player unless you specifically request permission for more. Please note that NPC's are like "recurring characters" on our simm who you intend to develop or reuse on a regular basis. Characters you randomly create for the sake of having them in a post should NOT be added as NPC's.

*When in doubt, please contact your CO.

*If you need help with anything, please contact the CO or XO.

Other Notes

*Promotions and Awards are only given out at the end of a mission. The Command Staff respectfully asks that each player take the time to nominate a few of their crewmates for Horizon Fleet awards (those listed on the bottom half of the Awards page) when each mission comes to an end, that way we have a better idea about who the crew thinks is deserving of what award.

*If any game member is feeling unhappy with the way a JP is being written, please contact the other member or members involved and voice your concerns to them. If, at the end of any discussion that takes place, the concerned member is still not happy with what's being written, and they wish withdraw from said JP, the member who is withdrawing must make their intention to do so clear to the others involved so that said JP can be amended accordingly.

*The Command Staff of this ship reserves the right to amend these rules at any time on an as-needed basis.

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