Welcome Onboard

I would like to welcome you to the USS Tikal. My name is Capt. Charles Redex Sr. and I'm the Commanding Officer of this fine vessel.

We are proud members of Bravo Fleet, Task force 99.

The year is 2391 and we are functioning in a post Dominion War environment.

The Tikal is an Enigma class vessel previously commanded by Captain Tyler Marshall and now under my command;I was his XO. Most of the crew was transferred from the USS Oberon when, due to a major engagement with the Yang Zutal, the ship needed extensive repairs.

The Tikal is one part of StarFleet’s defence against those foes and will continue to serve the federation in this mission.

Capt. Charles Redex Sr.
CO, USS Tikal-A

Latest News Items

» Life Preserver

Posted on 08/28/2015 @ 7:21pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex in Out of Character

Life Preserver has been saved. The Bruce portion has been saved in a separate JP for those on the Bruce (Amarith, Terri, Deke, etc.). EVERYONE else is either on a shuttle or escape pod and waiting for rescue from the Bruce. Please keep your writing consistent with what is going on. If you have any questions...please ask before putting it in writing so their is no more confusion. Remember....this is about the aftermath and waiting and being rescued....nothing else. And since we still are not getting email notifications on mission posts...please check the site frequently for tags.

» Preservers post

Posted on 08/28/2015 @ 6:23pm by Commander Croesus in Out of Character

Fellow Writers

The Preservers post had become erratic and was subsequently moved. It has be sent to a folder and can be returned once the edited continuity our our rescue has been perimetered.

* Lt Miranda Black Fur is the shuttle commander and all shuttle pilots should be following her as she will track down the Bruce.

Everyone else Find a pilot and stay with your people. What would be good is if several jp's go out with interaction as to how your coping.

A general jp will follow where we all meet up with the Bruce and taken home.

This jp will conclude our Romulan mission and when we arrive to McKinley we will focus on the new ship and changes that follow.

Have fun and enjoy.......

- Croesus

» Test in Progress

Posted on 08/25/2015 @ 2:38pm by Commander Croesus in General News

Testing to see if posts go out.- CDR Croesus

» Yesterday

Posted on 08/18/2015 @ 10:52am by Commander Croesus in Out of Character

Red Alert !

Yesterdays loss of helm control/site control was very frightening and showed us how vulnerable we are. Please copy your main characters and have them on stand by in case we should need to revert to a pbem system. Also good for the eventual move to the new ship in Bravo Fleet.

As XO you guys performed admirably and have my respects.

Concurrently the effects of the probes will wear off the other empaths and we should be able to continue on to our next mission.

Those involved in post: 0 Dark thirtyone we will be finishing up by weeks end and can move onto what ever is ahead.

That is all....

- CDR Croesus

» Profiles & Posts

Posted on 08/17/2015 @ 8:07pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex in Sim Announcement

I have copied and saved all of our characters' profiles (NPCs and PCs). I am also in the process of copying and saving our recent mission posts. They are currently stored on my Google Drive so they will be available when we make our big move (or if this site's server crashes again). You can access your profiles at the following link.....


I didn't get all fancy with the formatting (it was hard enough work just copying and saving over 70 profiles) but the info is there.

Latest Mission Posts

» Cerification

Posted on 09/02/2015 @ 2:27pm by Ensign Steven Hunter & Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur

Miranda moved to the Mayan, another of the auxiliary craft that survived from the Tikal. She entered and moved to the helm and inputted her command codes. She viewed the data of Ensign Hunter's flight under extreme conditions.

She liked the way he kept his cool under pressure and followed…

» Time Alone

Posted on 09/01/2015 @ 3:08am by Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur & Chief Warrant Officer Diane Shannon

Miranda watched the last of patients being taken off the her shuttle. As Captain Reddex and Nikki had disappeared into the bowels of the 'De Bruce'.

"So what next?" Diane spoke softly, as she helped get the Amazon in ship shape again.

"Instead of looking for quarters, we stay aboard…

» Life Preserver

Posted on 08/31/2015 @ 5:13pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex & Lieutenant Sara McKlusky & Commander Croesus & Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Lilly-Ann Morgan & Ensign Steven Hunter & Chief Warrant Officer Diane Shannon & Lieutenant JG Shael


:: Amazon ::

Coming from the aft section of the medical shuttle after checking on her patients, Nikki looked at her husband who was staring sadly out at the remnants of his ship. The atmosphere in the shuttle was thick with sadness and anger as everyone fought with their…

» Unexpected Family Reunion

Posted on 08/31/2015 @ 12:44pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Commander T'Hai & Ensign Alyssa Silvers

:: Richard the Bruce ::

There had been no contact for some time and Commodore Rivers was getting worried. Even cloaked every minute in the system risked being detected. And then out of no where a signal chimed from Terri Davis comm badge.

" Lock onto that signal and beam…

» The Unexpected Gift

Posted on 08/27/2015 @ 1:28pm by Rear Admiral Jess Rivers & Brigadier General Koron & Commander Croesus & Captain Charles Redex Senior & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex & Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Terri Davis & Lieutenant Arcos Darye & Lieutenant Lilly-Ann Morgan & Ensign Steven Hunter & Chief Warrant Officer Diane Shannon & Vice Admiral Paul Jones & Ensign Alyssa Silvers & Crewman Recruit Amarith "Amy" Djani


"Hailing frequencies are opened," Ensign Alyssa Silvers said on cue at her post.

Miranda kept the ship steady as she moved the ship to a nearby sector, but within scanner range of where the buoy exploded.

Nikki sat alone in her husband's Ready Room looking at pictures of their…

Latest Personal Logs

» XO's Log

Posted on 08/25/2015 @ 2:59pm by Commander Croesus

Xo's Log supplemental:

The ships is performing at top notch service but I can't help but feel something is about to go down. Something big !

Last night I had a dream I was in a shuttle and a large bird swooped down and devoured the Tikal and was about…

» Personal log entry 1

Posted on 08/04/2015 @ 7:08pm by Ensign Steven Hunter

I have arrived on the USS Tikal. It is my first assignment and I am quite nervous. I can't even find the bridge to report in! Hopefully I figure this out soon.

» Log - Letter From Cait

Posted on 07/14/2015 @ 3:44pm by Lieutenant Commander Miranda Blackfur

To my kitten Miranda.

What information that slips through the blockade, sounds like you're doing okay. It came as a surprise that you participated in the Sol Le Mans Race and performed quite admirably. You could've done better, but still impressed Matriarch Amanda of your being the only Fleet Officer…

» Rivers Edge

Posted on 05/26/2015 @ 11:38am by Rear Admiral Jess Rivers

Personal log :supplimental

Following my wife's return, I was summoned to my home on Earth due to an intruder alert monitor going off. Immediately beaming down I was confronted by a haint of a man resembling my brother Deke.

Confronting him I then realized it was as much alive as…

» Acting Captain's Log

Posted on 05/11/2015 @ 3:28pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex

Stardate 68358.78

Between treating one of McKinley's repairmen for a a laceration that almost amputated his thumb, one of the crew's children for a sprained ankle, an ensign with a severe sunburn and a major hangover and a yeoman with an STD of unknown origin I also coordinated with McKinley's…