Welcome Onboard

I would like to welcome you to the USS Tikal. My name is Capt. Charles Redex Sr. and I'm the Commanding Officer of this fine vessel.

We are proud members of Horizon Fleet, Task force 22, Task Group Explorers.

The year is 2391 and we are functioning in a post Dominion War environment.

The Tikal is a Nebula class vessel previously commanded by Captain Tyler Marshall and now under my command;I was his XO.Most of the crew was transferred from the USS Oberon when, due to a major engagement with the Yang Zutal, the ship needed extensive repairs.

The Tikal is one part of StarFleet’s defense against those foes and will continue to serve the federation in this mission.

Capt. Charles Redex Sr.
CO, USS Tikal
HF TF22 TG Explorers

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» Prayers and wishes.

Posted on 01/17/2015 @ 10:49am by Commander Jon Newman in Out of Character

Tikal Friends,

Please join me in wishing and praying for our Captain's quick recovery as he is ill this week.

Looking forward to your quick recover Carlos.

- Ray/Jon Newman


Posted on 12/05/2014 @ 10:31am by Captain Charles Redex Senior in General News

Dear All,

Here in my country we have a holly day on Monday... therefore we are going to our lake-house where I do not have Internet coverage ... so until then LTCDR Newman has the conn

Be safe


» Chile's Independence Day

Posted on 09/17/2014 @ 6:25am by Captain Charles Redex Senior in General News

Dear All,

Effective today at 16:00 I'm taking a LOA until Sunday, the motive is that we are celebrating my country's independence day.

So Ray will be in charge...

Have a nice week and I'll see you when I'm back



CDR Charles Redex Sr.
CO, USS Tikal


Posted on 09/15/2014 @ 10:04am by Commander Jon Newman in General News

Mission Update !

Croesus and the brave crew of the Atari are almost to the planet and will soon discover many fascinating facts about the planet of Latinum. But their happiness will be cut short once the effects of the gravitational pull on the planet begins its pull taking it into the stars matter stream. The creation of a quantum phase inhibitor, which halts all nuclear activity in a star will be introduced but the effects could destroy them in the attempt.



Posted on 09/09/2014 @ 10:40am by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex in General News

Happy Birthday Star Trek!!!

:-D :-D

Live long and prosper!!!

Latest Mission Posts

» # 17 " To Infinity and Beyond Again "

Mission: Taking Care of Business
Posted on 01/26/2015 @ 6:20am by Commander Croesus


Fleeing the Devourer's threat , the armada of ships set sail away from their once lovely home worlds and colonies. Having mastered their elements and their technology, or so they thought. Only to find out that often times our own creations are our own down fall. Harnessing the power…

» #16 - Long Lost Sister

Mission: Taking Care of Business
Posted on 01/23/2015 @ 6:49am by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Commodore Jess Rivers


In the bar on Starbase McKinley, Amarith saw her younger brother, Lt. Shiar tr'Narviat. Amarith mouth curved a bit at the form of her brother. "Hello little brother."

"Hello little big sister," he replied as he tried to tease her a bit. "How are my nephews?"

"Growing," she said…

» Post 15 "Joint inspection"

Mission: Taking Care of Business
Posted on 01/22/2015 @ 5:48pm by Commander Jon Newman & Lieutenant Lilly-Ann Morgan


Lilly waited where she had agreed to met Jon for the joint inspection of their new ship, at the villa. Dressed in a subdued black attire Jon arrived surprisingly on the back of a hover bike.

" Hope you ride ? I had her in storage and wanted to…

» #14 - R&R " Brier Rabbit "

Mission: Taking Care of Business
Posted on 01/21/2015 @ 12:01pm by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Captain Charles Redex Senior & Commander Croesus


Somewhere over the rainbow and twinkle stars the fate of a people hinged on the steps of its leaders, and he whom they called the prophet. A name Croesus had not quite settled into. He had used their advanced technology to out wit the devourers but that had only…

» #13: I Am The Doctor

Mission: Taking Care of Business
Posted on 01/19/2015 @ 6:40pm by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Ensign Alyssa Silvers & Lieutenant Commander Marcab Strongfellow & Lieutenant Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Arcos Darye & Chief Warrant Officer Diane Shannon

Amarith was more than pleased to see Nikki. As others came in, she explained her hypothesis.

"We had a computer glitch in a Computer Program. Some how young Alyssa here Dr. Who program got infected or something causing the program not to be shut down until Nikki walked in."


Latest Personal Logs

» Personal Log

Posted on 11/13/2014 @ 9:12pm by Lieutenant Sara McKlusky

Begin recording. Personal Log...Stardate 66870.41. I finally took a break. We're still at Red Alert. Dr. Morgan is on the Bridge covering Dr. Redex's EFTS position as Bridge Medic and Dr. Benjarvi is covering Sickbay. So far all we've had is a couple of minor injuries come in...none of which…

» Personal Log

Posted on 10/14/2014 @ 2:38pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex

Nikki sat in the pilot's seat of the shuttle and stared out of the window at the station in the distance.

"Computer...begin recording," she spoke softly. "Personal log...Stardate 66787.38. I am sitting on this Klingon shuttle...alone and unable to contact anyone on board the Tikal. All I can do is…

» L2 - Dear Daddy

Posted on 08/01/2014 @ 8:15pm by Lieutenant Miranda Blackfur

I am so excited **soft purrr is heard* I've succeeded in getting approved the dunabe runnabout medical evac shuttle! My idea became a reality with the approval and support of my department chief and CMO had shown interest and supported the Idea. Just a few days ago. we had a…

» Welfare of the Ship

Posted on 08/01/2014 @ 8:32am by Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones

"Computer, begin log," Amarith said as she had a few minutes to create her log.

"I know I have made the right decision of stepping down as Number One back to Number Two," Amarith said as she sipped her herbal tea with honey. "The welfare and security of the ship…

» Married Life

Posted on 07/19/2014 @ 2:58am by Lieutenant Commander Marcab Strongfellow

"Computer, personal log for Marcab Strongfellow. Amend stardate."

"It has been only a short while since Donna and I became married. I must admit that I was worried, but she is more than any man could ask for. She has made me feel like all is right with my life."…