Welcome Onboard

I would like to welcome you to the USS Tikal. My name is Capt. Charles Redex Sr. and I'm the Commanding Officer of this fine vessel.

We are proud members of Horizon Fleet, Task force 22, Task Group Explorers.

The year is 2391 and we are functioning in a post Dominion War environment.

The Tikal is a Nebula class vessel previously commanded by Captain Tyler Marshall and now under my command;I was his XO.Most of the crew was transferred from the USS Oberon when, due to a major engagement with the Yang Zutal, the ship needed extensive repairs.

The Tikal is one part of StarFleet’s defense against those foes and will continue to serve the federation in this mission.

Capt. Charles Redex Sr.
CO, USS Tikal
HF TF22 TG Explorers

Latest News Items

» New Mission has begun.

Posted on 06/25/2015 @ 9:55am by Commander Croesus in General News

Attention Crew,

Our new mission has official begun. Please change it in your headers when you post for the remainder of this day.

- Croesus


Posted on 06/25/2015 @ 4:07am by Commander Croesus in General News

Our new mission is up and officially begins Saturday. Key officers orders are contained within. As you know it involves travel and intrigue so bring your cameras and set phasers to heavy stun.

With the Captain being ill, Croesus will command this mission so bring you A games to this one folks as it promises to have something for everyone that wants something to do.

We will be running two plots during this mission as we trek to find the location of New Romulus and Clintoons dreaded cloning device and also the arrival of alien probes from a system inside the dreaded expanse we know and hate so well.


- Commander Croesus

» Administrative Leave

Posted on 06/24/2015 @ 4:50pm by Commander Croesus in General News

Attention Crew,

Due to circumstances beyond control Captain Redex has asked to be placed on a Leave of Absence. Rest assured he will be returning soon.

Per his request he has asked that we continue on with the upcoming mission. As XO I will continue in his stead and keep him apprised of all forth coming parts of the upcoming mission and he will of course be inserted at any given point of that mission before it is made cannon.

Captain Redex will come down with a sickness that places him in quarantine during the course of the mission until he can join us.

If you have any questions about our mission feel free to drop myself or the ships Chief Medical Officer an email or join us on the Tikal Facebook site.


Commander Croesus

» Update

Posted on 05/25/2015 @ 3:34pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex in General News

So to bring everyone up to date……

Lt. Cmdr. Strongfellow left Dr. Redex in charge of the docked Tikal and disappeared. Clones of Lt. Cmdr.Deke Rivers, Lt. Aurora and Lt. Cmdr. Strongfellow appeared on the ship but were discovered by Dr…now XO...Redex and put in the Brig. Meanwhile, a new Assistant Security Chief, Lt.JG Terri Davis joined the crew and hit the ground running. The real Deke Rivers joined his brother and Croesus (I forget how he came back into the picture...lol) on the planet surface trying to track down the cloners. In the meantime, the repairs on the Tikal were completed and the station told Dr. Redex that the Tikal had to vacate the dock because they needed the space…so she launched the ship and waited for word from the Away Team…which finally came but they were being chased by a Romulan Warbird. So Dr. Redex...now in The Chair...took the Tikal to rendezvous with the freighter the Away Team were on. The Away Team were beamed aboard the Tikal and the freighter destroyed and...while Dr. Redex went to greet her husband...leaving Lt. Davis in charge of the Bridge...Davis faced the Romulans and managed to get the Tikal to safety (but not without scratching the new paint job a bit). Now…with the Captain back in The Chair where he belongs...the Tikal is on its way back to McKinley…even though the Romulans are between them and their destination….to retrieve the Rivers boys.

Once we have ALL of our crew on board and whatever repairs need to be made….we will be off on the next mission which….according to my sources (who shall remain un-named)...will be to end the cloners hope of starting a war and taking over the galaxy. Yeah. Like that could happen….right?

» Amarith's Mother

Posted on 04/27/2015 @ 2:35pm by Commander Croesus in Out of Character

Dear Fellow Tikal Writers and Friends,

It has recently been informed to us that our beloved colleague " Amarith " has recently lost her mother . The Captain requests that you extend your thoughts and prayers to Amarith as she goes through this saddest of occasions.

There are many faiths and beliefs out there but the essential message of these is to just be the friend to her as she would assuredly be were it us going through a tough time. Knowing this crew of writers as I do that will not be a problem.

The revered Dr McCoy once commented, when facing the death of a close friend , a phrase similar to this occasion " She's really not dead so long as we, remember."

Amarith we hope these words and comforting prayers and thoughts go with you as you face your loss.


USS Tikal XO Commander Croesus

Latest Mission Posts

» Angry is not even close

Posted on 07/05/2015 @ 4:13pm by Jasmine-May Morgan

Jasmine was furious at her father who had gone behind not just her back but her mothers too and had taken her out of her job in the kitchens to try and exile her with the other kids she was also not happy at being bellowed at by him when…

» Diversions of the Sweetest Kind

Posted on 07/04/2015 @ 9:41am by Vice Admiral Paul Jones & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones

Amarith missed her mother but she was very pleased to have her only surviving sister on the ship. Now she has once more a babysitter and she had been longing for her husband as she felt her husband's needs coursing in her own libido igniting the Vulcan Romulan fire she…

» Saying Goodbye

Posted on 07/03/2015 @ 4:23pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex

"But I don't want to go, Mommy," Seyoni said, looking up at her mother through tear filled eyes.

"Daddy said we gotta be strong, sissy," Chucky said but his lower lip was sticky out as he tried to put on a brave face.

Nikki squatted down and took both children…

» Mission Briefing

Posted on 07/03/2015 @ 4:22pm by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex & Commander Croesus & Commander Amarith Narviat t'Jones & Lieutenant Commander Marcab Strongfellow & Lieutenant Miranda Blackfur & Lieutenant Aurora & Lieutenant JG Terri Davis & Ensign Alyssa Silvers


Nikki finished dressing and greeted Jasmine on her way out the door. She headed for Sickbay and was almost to the turbolift when the shipwide announcement came over the command system.


» Defusing the Situation

Mission: Taking Care of Business
Posted on 07/03/2015 @ 11:22am by Ensign Arima Gladimus & Petty Officer 3rd Class Sandra Smith

Ensign Arima Gladimus was in the lab as she was trying to find a way to shut down the cloning devices since they were derived from her upgrades of a birthing chamber into a regeneration chamber. As she was reading the scans of the liquid which the device uses, Linguistics…

Latest Personal Logs

» Rivers Edge

Posted on 05/26/2015 @ 6:38am by Commodore Jess Rivers

Personal log :supplimental

Following my wife's return, I was summoned to my home on Earth due to an intruder alert monitor going off. Immediately beaming down I was confronted by a haint of a man resembling my brother Deke.

Confronting him I then realized it was as much alive as…

» Acting Captain's Log

Posted on 05/11/2015 @ 10:28am by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex

Stardate 68358.78

Between treating one of McKinley's repairmen for a a laceration that almost amputated his thumb, one of the crew's children for a sprained ankle, an ensign with a severe sunburn and a major hangover and a yeoman with an STD of unknown origin I also coordinated with McKinley's…

» Acting Captain's Log

Posted on 05/06/2015 @ 11:36am by Commander Nicole "Nikki" Redex

Acting Captain's Log. Stardate 68345.23. Now that the Strongfellow clone is secured in the Brig, Security is conducting scans on all ship's personnel and the Starbase commander has been notified and his security staff have been issued the new scanners and are scanning the Starbase personnel as well. If there…

» choices

Posted on 04/15/2015 @ 1:25am by Jasmine-May Morgan

Jasmine activated the computer to log for her and sat down on her bed. Things here are certainly different on the Tikaland im none to sure that everyone likes the fact that I am here but I am and I don't have time to really care if they like me…

» The Go To Girl

Posted on 02/23/2015 @ 7:04pm by Ensign Arima Gladimus

Personal Log of Arima Gladimus

The only pleasure Arima had now days was the bond she shared with her son Amphion Gladimus, a Djani and Aquarian hybrid child who by miracle of his birth was due to an embryo being placed into the birthing regeneration chamber. She was given The…